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3 Advantages of Getting Dentures

Dentures Port Charlotte, FL

Dentures are popular dental restorations that are used to replace missing teeth. There are two main types: partial and full denture sets. The former is for those who have only lost a few of their teeth, while the latter is for people who have lost most of their teeth.

Getting dentures does not require any surgical or invasive procedures. The dentist takes an impression of the patient’s mouth and sends it off to a dental lab where dentures are made. It takes about two weeks for the finished dentures to get back to the dentist. That means people who want to replace their missing teeth with dentures can have their smile restored in as little as two weeks.

Benefits of getting dentures

Getting dentures is only one alternative when it comes to replacing missing teeth. Other dental prostheses, like bridges and implants, can also replace missing teeth. Here are a few reasons that a person might choose dentures over other alternatives.

1. Non-invasive solution

Other missing teeth replacement options, like implants and dental bridges, often require invasive procedures, like surgically inserting implants or removing enamel from teeth that will be used to make abutments.

Also, not all patients are ideal candidates for the surgical installation of implants, since it involves making incisions into gum tissues and drilling holes into the jaw. People with health conditions like diabetes might have a harder time recovering from the process. In some cases, the dentist might recommend dentures for such patients to avoid complications that could arise with surgery.

2. Affordable

Getting dentures is an affordable way to replace missing teeth, which makes it a great option for people working with a budget. The cost of an entire denture set can be less than that of a single implant. Dentures can last up to seven years when properly maintained, and repairs can be made if they become damaged.

3. Functional

Dentures replace the appearance and function of lost teeth. They are designed to look just like real teeth and can handle the bite forces generated when biting and chewing. People who have lost a considerable amount of teeth often have a hard time eating a balanced diet because they are limited to liquid or soft foods. Dentures can help restore the wearer’s chewing ability so they can get back to enjoying a wider range of foods.

Dentures can also help prevent misalignment issues that can develop as a result of missing teeth. Teeth typically attempt to close any holes in a person’s smile by moving toward the gap. Partial dentures fill up the gap created by missing teeth, so the remaining teeth stay in their proper positions.

Dentures might be the right solution for your missing teeth

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