3 Reasons to Get a Smile Makeover for a Missing Tooth

Smile Makeover Port Charlotte, FL

A smile makeover is designed to improve the appearance and function of the teeth. Multiple dental treatments and procedures can go into making over a patient's smile, including restorations for missing teeth. Whether a missing tooth is caused by an accident or an emergency extraction, treatment should occur as soon as possible to avoid issues.

Top 3 benefits of a tooth replacement procedure

A missing tooth can hinder oral function. Not only can it affect a smile, but it is also a risk due to the potential development of an infection. Restoration for a missing tooth can be beneficial for physical, mental, and oral health. These are three valuable points to consider when deciding whether to have a missing tooth replaced through a smile makeover.

1. Builds confidence

Missing teeth can be the cause of embarrassment, and such an evident problem can even lead to people hiding their smiles. Patients may experience facial sagging as well due to bone shrinkage where the tooth is lost. A successful tooth replacement can help someone regain a confident attitude and the will to smile without feeling self-conscious. In addition, a made-over smile can improve an individual’s appearance and encourage regular grooming along with keeping up with dental hygiene.

2. Restores oral functionality

Daily oral functions such as speaking and eating can be affected by a missing tooth. The ability to chew food effectively may be impaired, and sometimes there may be a speech impediment. A gap in a row of teeth provides the opportunity for adjacent teeth to migrate into the vacant area. Poor bite alignment, uneven tooth wear, and jaw tension can gradually develop when teeth are not aligned.

A dental professional can recommend a variety of treatment options. A dental implant is a long-lasting solution that offers a natural appearance and similar functionality compared to a real tooth. Bridges can allow for a replacement tooth to be placed between two present teeth, while partial or full dentures may be a solution for multiple missing teeth.

3. Maintains dental health

Not everyone realizes that only one missing tooth can compromise upper and lower teeth and worsen an existing dental condition. Bone loss and teeth crowding are two issues that commonly plague individuals who wait too long to get assistance for a lost tooth. 

Considering the gum tissue is exposed, it is vulnerable to infections, and actions such as chewing and brushing can invite painful abscesses. Diseases can develop and spread from the tooth roots to various parts of the human body. Preventive care is necessary to avoid advanced issues due to neglect. After treatment, a daily and nightly dental routine maintains a fresh and healthy appearance.


A smile makeover is about dental health as well as appearance. When it comes to a missing tooth or teeth, it is crucial to seek the proper care immediately before the situation progresses. The process to restore a smile is often painless and beneficial.

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