4 Dental Bonding Treatments That Dentists Use

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Looking for more information on dental bonding? If you have a damaged, discolored or decayed tooth, then there are several minimally-invasive treatment options to consider. Your dentist may recommend one form of dental bonding treatment over another depending on the severity of the concern and your personal preference.

4 Dental bonding treatment options

Dental bonding refers to a process of applying a tooth-colored material to teeth and bonding it into place with an ultraviolet light to improve the appearance of the tooth and provide additional protection. Some dentists may also suggest other types of treatment, such as direct and indirect dental restorations in certain situations, as well.

1. Composite resin dental bonding

Composite resin dental bonding is the most popular type of bonding. It involves the application of a composite resin material which is then bonded into place and cured with an ultraviolet light. It is a great option for fixing minor chips and cracks, improving the shade of stained teeth and filling in gaps between teeth. However, it is not as ideal for fixing more complex concerns such as severely damaged teeth and severe tooth decay. It is most similar to dental veneers, although composite resin dental bonding is generally more affordable and requires fewer dental visits.

2. Porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers are often compared to dental bonding. Many dentists who offer composite resin dental bonding may also offer porcelain veneers, as well. There are some significant differences between the two. Although they are both used for similar purposes, dental veneers are applied over the course of two or more dental visits and are layers of porcelain that cover the entire tooth. They are more durable on average than dental bonding, but they typically come at an increased cost.

3. Direct dental restorations

Many are familiar with what a direct dental restoration is, although they may have never heard the term. Often referred to as a dental filling, direct dental restorations can repair mild cavities and similar concerns. They generally utilize an amalgam material, although composite resin direct dental restorations may be an option, as well. They work well when there is not significant structural damage to the tooth. This is slightly different than direct dental bonding.

4. Indirect dental restorations

Veneers are considered a type of indirect dental restoration. Essentially, an indirect dental restoration is any type of restoration that is crafted and put together outside of the patient’s mouth. Most indirect dental restorations such as dental veneers, dental crowns, inlays, onlays and dental bridges are constructed in a machine or in a laboratory after taking an impression of the patient’s tooth or entire bite. They are often recommended for more severe tooth damage, such as after a root canal is performed or to fix severe chips and cracks.

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