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5 Cosmetic Dentistry Options to Improve Your Appearance

It is hard to deny the fact that your smile leaves a great impression on your acquaintances, as it showcases the real you. On the contrary, if you are not confident enough when it comes to smiling genuinely, you need to figure out where the problem lies.

There can be many reasons for being unhappy with your smile, including having uneven, crooked, discolored or misaligned teeth. Maybe you have unwanted spaces between your teeth that hinder your desire to smile spontaneously.

Cosmetic dentistry, in this regard, has been proven a great solution for people looking for something that can improve their smile. With advanced dental treatment options, you no longer have to worry about your chipped, crooked or gapped teeth. Cosmetic dentistry can make your smile whiter, straighter and more attractive.

The following is a list of some popular cosmetic dentistry options and how they work:

1. Contouring and enamel shaping

Dental enamel is one of the most important components that enhances your teeth's appearance. It can easily erode due to several causes, like vigorous brushing, cavities or a poor oral care routine. In this process of cosmetic dentistry, a prosthodontist removes and contours the dental enamel to enhance the appearance of your teeth.

Bonding is often combined with enamel shaping to alter the shape, length and position of your teeth. It is an effective way to correct overlapping, irregular, and chipped teeth.

2. Dental implants

This is one of the permanent solutions available for any missing teeth. In this procedure, a prosthodontist implants a titanium rod into the jawbone to provide a stable and strong root for a prosthetic crown.

Not only does this cosmetic dentistry treatment look durable, but it also feels permanent.

3. Teeth whitening

This is one of the most requested services in cosmetic dentistry. You have probably seen many ads persuading you to use teeth whitening mouthwashes, kits or toothpastes. Your prosthodontist can be a game changer when it comes to brightening your smile, by using dental polishing solutions and tools to remove stains on your teeth. The professional-strength bleach in these solutions works wonders to deeply clean your teeth.

4. Composite fillings

Many people opt for white composite fillings instead of silver amalgams which give a dark metallic look. Composite fillings are not only strong but can be easily shaped as well. The treatment is cost-effective, too.

5. Tooth straightening

If your crooked teeth are stopping you from smiling, tooth straightening is an ideal option. It is also important to remedy misaligned teeth, as crooked or uneven teeth accumulate plaque between them and can eventually cause problems like TMJ and other painful conditions. There are a number of tooth-aligning treatments in cosmetic dentistry that can solve this problem.

Bottom line

Overall, cosmetic dentistry is a great way to improve the look of your smile and your overall appearance. Talk to one of our dental health professionals today to find out more about your cosmetic dentistry options.

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