5 Important Denture Care Tips

Denture CareIf you have dentures or are considering dentures, print out these denture care tips and post them on your bathroom door for optimal visibility.  These denture care tips will help you preserve the integrity of your dentures so they remain serviceable, clean and beautiful for years to come.  In general, you should treat your dentures with the same level of care you provide to your natural teeth.

Failure to follow the denture care tips outlined below can cause the dentures to not fit properly.  Dirty dentures can even cause serious health problems following the accumulation of plaque bacteria along the gum line.

Five Tips to Care For Dentures

1. Use as soft a brush as possible to clean dentures

Dentures are sensitive just like normal teeth.  If the patient uses an abrasive brush with hard bristles, then he or she might damage the dentures.  A denture brush or regular soft-bristled brush will suffice.  People need to brush the dentures every single day.

This gentle brushing will clean off all the food particles, bacteria and other grime that has accumulated throughout the day.  Adhere to a daily denture brushing regimen and the dentures will remain fresh-smelling and visually pleasing.

2. Rinse the dentures after each meal

Patients need to rinse the dentures below a stream of warm water following each meal.  A thorough rinsing will help eliminate food particles that remain on the dentures that lead to buildup.  If food particles are left in place, they will eventually decompose and cause odorous breath as well as other oral health issues.

3. Soak the dentures every single night

People need to soak the dentures in a closed container filled with water or a specialized denture cleaning solution.  Soaking the dentures loosens up particles that remain after eating.  Furthermore, soaking dentures helps prevent the onset of stains.

4. Apply the denture adhesive with care

A denture adhesive provides a tight grip that cushions the gums against the force of the dentures.  This is particularly important for the lower denture.  Do not apply an excess of denture care adhesive.  If you feel as though your dentures do not properly fit your mouth or if they are old, simply adding more denture adhesive will not provide the ideal fit.  Reach out to us to enhance the fit and comfort of your dentures.

5. Do not Assume Regular Dental Check-ups are Unnecessary

The use of dentures in place of normal teeth does not mean you can skip your regularly scheduled dental visits.  Dentures are certainly robust and durable yet they are not infallible.  Dentures can warp if left in water for an extended period of time.  Furthermore, your gum tissues can change as time progresses.  Your gums are still prone to periodontal disease even though dentures do not decay like regular teeth.

Furthermore, the tissues in your oral cavity and jaws are still susceptible to damage.  Visit us on a regular basis to ensure your dentures are in optimal condition and provide the best possible fit.

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