5 Reasons to Get a Smile Makeover

Do you love your smile?

A smile makeover changes the way a person looks and feels. If you have always wanted a smile that will light up any room, a smile makeover can get you the perfect set of teeth. If you find it hard to clean your teeth because they are crowded, a smile makeover will help with that, too.

Cosmetic dentistry treatments do not only improve the look of your smile, they also leave you with healthier teeth. Still not convinced? Here are some reasons to upgrade that smile from 'Fine, I guess' to 'Wow'.

1. Boost your self-image and make a good impression

A person's confidence depends on how that person sees themselves, and few things crush self-esteem like stained or crooked teeth. Cosmetic dental treatments remove flaws from the teeth and give a patient the confidence to put themselves out there.

People with customer-facing or public-facing jobs benefit greatly from cosmetic dentistry. A bright smile can help land a new client or close a deal. When in doubt about the value of a beautiful smile, consider all the public figures that have invested in their teeth.

2. Restore teeth that have dental health issues

Teeth that have cavities, breakages and discoloration need repair. Restoration of unhealthy teeth improves the overall health of the mouth. Dental restoration treatments get rid of pain and infection. They also prevent further breakdown of the affected tooth. An added bonus of tooth restoration is the improvement of a patient's smile.

3. Correct bad bites and jaw misalignment

There are many kinds of malocclusion. Some people's teeth crowd together and become crooked. Others have pronounced overbites and underbites. In all cases, bad alignment of the teeth and jaw affects the smile and sometimes, it causes pain and discomfort.

With the help of an orthodontist, a patient's teeth and/or jaw can be repositioned to create a beautiful smile. By prescribing appliances like braces, the dentist arranges the teeth so that they can look and feel good.

Properly aligned teeth are easy to clean and are less prone to decay. Repositioning the teeth or jaw also removes discomfort and jaw pain.

4. Repair injuries to a tooth

Accidents can affect any part of the body, teeth included. When teeth fracture, chip or break, it is a good idea to repair them as soon as possible. If left untended, injured teeth can lead to complications like infection, nerve damage and chronic pain.

Restoring broken and cracked teeth not only maintains the health of the teeth, it also results in a bright smile.

5. Replace missing teeth or gaps in the teeth

Gaps in the teeth can happen because of faults in the gum and jawbone. They can also be the result of unhealthy teeth that have become loose or have been extracted. With a smile makeover, a dentist can fit artificial teeth in the gaps.

Where the gaps are caused by faults in the gum or jaw, orthodontic treatments or surgeries can be used to bring the teeth closer together. When gaps in the teeth are closed, the mouth becomes healthier and a person's smile becomes much more appealing.

A smile makeover can change your life

There are psychological benefits to being happy with your appearance and improving your smile helps with that. What is more, getting a smile makeover improves oral health and dental hygiene.

If you are thinking of having your teeth improved, get started now. Schedule an appointment with one of our dentists and find out how to get a brilliant smile.

What are you waiting for?

For more information or to schedule an appointment with Dragonfly Dental of Port Charlotte, request an appointment in our Port Charlotte dental office here: https://dragonflydentalportcharlotte.com. Or call us at (941) 893-4240.

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