5 Signs It Is Time For a Dental Check-Up

Dental Check-upDental check-ups should take place every six months.  However, plenty of people visit with the dentist once per year or once every couple years.  Some people skip dental visits until oral health problems manifest.  Do not wait this long to visit your dentist!  Though the human body provides a number of signs that indicate it is necessary to visit the dentist for a thorough check-up, waiting until these issues arise is not prudent.  Visit with your dentist every six months to catch oral health issues before they wreak havoc on your mouth.

Below, we explain some of the top signs it is time to visit the dentist.

1. A Toothache or a Gum Ache

A toothache or a gum ache is cause for concern.  There is plenty to worry about aside from the pain caused by this oral health issue.  Human teeth are incredibly strong.  They will not cause pain unless there is an underlying problem with your oral health.  It is possible your gums have been infected.  Perhaps your tooth is fractured or excessively decayed.  In other cases, a toothache can stem from a damaged filling.

2. Bleeding Gums

If your gums are bleeding, meet with your dentist as soon as possible for a dental check-up.  Bleeding gums are one of the top signs your mouth is plagued by periodontal disease.  Studies show nearly half of people over the age of 30 have endured this disease to at least a minimal degree.  The underlying problem might be an abundance of tartar on the teeth and gums.  Regardless of the cause, you should visit with your dentist for a dental check-up, a thorough cleaning and the appropriate solution. If you let your gums bleed without visiting your dentist, it will likely lead to additional health problems in due time.

3. Discolored Teeth

If your teeth are discolored, do not assume that this alteration in color is completely normal.  Though teeth can be stained after consuming certain foods and beverages, teeth that become significantly discolored will lower your self-confidence.  You will think twice before smiling, laughing or eating in the presence of co-workers, friends, and strangers.  Meet with your dentist for a comprehensive dental check-up that includes information about teeth whitening procedures.

4. One or Several Loose Teeth

Teeth loosen for varying reasons.  In some cases, an injury is the cause of a loose tooth.  In other instances, osteoporosis causes a reduction in bone density that triggers tooth movement.  If you have a loose tooth, schedule an appointment with your dentist to remedy this problem.

5. Sensitivity to Hot and Cold Foods, Beverages and Temperatures

You should be able to enjoy cold, hot and lukewarm foods and beverages without oral pain.  If you experience pain when consuming foods or beverages of varying temperatures, there is likely something wrong with your oral health.  It is possible your tooth enamel has weakened.  Such sensitivity can also be caused by a cavity.  The dentist will fill your cavities so the problem does not worsen.

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