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6 Main Causes of Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is a mild or moderate sense of apprehension whenever the patient thinks about an upcoming dental procedure. Few people actually enjoy going to the dentist, but some patients are so afraid of going that they put off the visit until the pain is too much to bear.

What causes dental anxiety?

Some of the main causes of dental anxiety include:

1. Fear of pain

Though most dental procedures are painless, a lot of people experience dental anxiety due to the fear of pain. For some patients, the fear stems from an unpleasant dental experience that they had when they were younger, or from pain and horror stories that they heard from other people.

2. Embarrassment

Some patients with badly damaged or decayed teeth may feel embarrassed about the state of their oral health or hygiene. They may also be a bit self-conscious about possible mouth odor. This embarrassment may make them anxious about going to a dentist and talking about the state of their teeth. Fortunately, experienced dentists have the training to deal with all types of dental health issues and they will be able to help. Therefore, the patient can be sure that the state of their teeth will not shock the dentist and they do not have anything to be ashamed or embarrassed about.

3. Personal space

There are some patients who are not comfortable with people invading their personal space. They may also be uncomfortable with someone inserting instruments into their mouth or blocking their mouth.

4. Side effects of anesthesia

Everyone has seen the side effects of anesthesia in funny online videos. After the procedure, the patient may experience nausea, numbness and dizziness. However, these side effects are often gone quickly after the appointment and the patient has nothing to worry about.

5. Loss of control

Some patients usually feel very helpless while seated in the dentist’s chair. They often have to lean back with their mouths wide open, they cannot see what is happening and they do not have control over the situation. This can cause a lot of dental anxiety. Fortunately, talking to the doctor beforehand can reduce some of this stress. The doctor can explain the procedures, answering all of the patient's questions beforehand so there are no surprises.

6. Fear of injections

A lot of people are afraid of needles, especially if the dentist injects them into their mouth. Others are usually afraid that the anesthesia will not take effect and that the procedure will be excruciatingly painful.

Wrapping up

Does the thought of a dental appointment make you uneasy or give you sleepless nights? If you are anxious about your dental visit, you are not alone. Fortunately, you can manage your dental anxiety by asking your dentist as many questions as possible and going to the dentist with a friend or family member. Find a qualified dentist you can trust and discuss the dental treatment in length before the procedure to alleviate any sense of worry.

That's not all…

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