A Dental Filling Should Help Prevent Tooth Decay

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A dental filling can fight cavities. If your dentist tells you that you have some cavities that need attention, it is not something you should be sad about. A dental filling will help you from suffering more from your cavity. Understanding how a dental filling can help prevent the progression of decay is important for your dental health. Here are the facts.

The function of fillings

A dental filling can restore teeth that decay has deteriorated. It can also prevent future effects of tooth decay by blocking bacteria from entering the tooth and destroying it. Before the treatment, the dentist needs to determine the most suitable material for the patient’s dental filling. The choice depends on the extent of the damage, costs, and the location of the decay. Whatever type of dental filling that the patient gets, it will still restore and protect the tooth from decay.

The formation of tooth decay

Whenever people consume sugary foods, bacteria thrive. These organisms form plaque that sticks to the teeth. Plaque eats away the enamel. The person does not feel any discomfort until the bacteria reaches the dentin layer. The sensitive dentin has nerve endings. When it is exposed, it makes the tooth sensitive to sour, hot, sticky, cold, and sweet foods and drinks.

Stopping the decay

Tooth decay is a silent event that a person does not know about until it is too late. By the time pain strikes, the decay will have already reached the pulp. Brushing two times a day, flossing before bed, keeping dental appointments, and using a fluoride mouthwash can prevent the spread of tooth decay. If the tooth decay is undiagnosed, it is likely to progress. Without a dental filling to hinder the decay, the tooth’s condition will worsen. That is why dentists get to work on decaying teeth the moment they see signs.

Stopping tooth decay through dental fillings

The early stages of tooth decay do not cause discomfort. This is more than enough reason to go to the dentist and have regular dental checks. Once the dentist sees minimal signs of tooth decay, a dental filling treatment should follow. Dental fillings can plug cavities while these holes are still treatable with fillings. The filling can cover the vulnerable areas of the tooth and prevent further decay.

Reinforcing the tooth

With a dental filling, the tooth’s deteriorated inner structure receives a replacement. The filling slowly merges with the tooth and strengthens it from the inside. It can also prevent further deterioration. A dental filling is more effective in strengthening the tooth if the patient takes extra care in brushing, flossing, and using a mouthwash.

A dental filling can help prevent tooth decay for a long time with proper care

While it is true that a dental filling can shield your teeth from further bacterial infection and damage, it is still important to follow oral hygiene practices. Doing so helps maintain the integrity of the dental filling. Seeing your dentist regularly can also ensure a longer life span for your dental filling. If your fillings remain strong and whole, there will be no entry point for bacteria.

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