A Kid-Friendly Dentist Discusses Phase 1 Orthodontic Treatment

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People who had braces as a child or young adult may assume that some children will move onto braces treatment after visiting a kid-friendly dentist, while others will be able to maintain perfectly aligned teeth forever. The field of orthodontics is far more complicated than this, however; braces are often implemented in “phases” to treat children’s individual dental issues.

What are the phases of orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontics now is more extensive and dynamic for both practitioners and patients than in the past. With a wide variety of treatment options, patients, including children, can work towards a new smile that both is cosmetically attractive and promotes overall mouth health.

Phase 1 treatment

This phase can be thought of as the planning or preparation phase. Phase 1, or “interceptive” orthodontics, can be used to correct a crossbite, crowding, deep overbite, and spacing issues in younger children. Additionally, children who have problems with the jaw that affect dental health or the teeth can benefit from early orthodontic treatment.

Phase 1 treatment does not always mean braces: A palate expander, which makes room for crowded teeth by expanding the area of the child’s palate, can be introduced during phase 1. Headgear may also be introduced. Children who are thumbsuckers may need early treatment to correct bite problems before these issues affect permanent teeth.

Phase 2 treatment

While phase 1 treatment can occur before all of the baby teeth have been shed, phase 2 takes place in later childhood, during the teenage years, or even adulthood. The second phase typically lasts longer than the first round of orthodontic treatment, but it can be easier to manage if the child has already completed phase 1.

Which children are good candidates for phase 1 orthodontic treatment?

During a regular dental check-up, a kid-friendly dentist can monitor the eruption and growth of a child’s teeth. If everything looks normal but the dentist suspects that the child may need braces in the future to fix a cosmetic issue or slight crowding, treatment is not usually recommended at that time. Cosmetic issues and other minor dental issues are usually fixed with braces after the child’s permanent teeth have erupted.

However, if the child is developing a dental problem such as a crossbite, an open bite, a deep overbite, or spacing issues that need to be corrected sooner rather than later, the dentist may recommend phase 1 orthodontic treatment. The principle behind phase 1 treatment is to correct small problems developing in a child’s smile before these issues become bigger problems that need to be fixed with more extensive measures.


There is no need to worry if a kid-friendly dentist recommends a child for phase 1 orthodontic treatment. These first braces or appliances can often prevent later dental problems and prepare the child for later orthodontic care as a preteen or teenager. Discuss the steps of the child’s individual case and future needs with the dentist before getting started.

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