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After Your Laser Teeth Whitening: Tips on What to Eat and Drink and for How Long

Laser Teeth Whitening Port Charlotte, FL

You could experience teeth sensitivity after your laser teeth whitening. This sensitivity can range from mild to very painful. The symptoms of sensitivity can be very frustrating to deal with. Certain foods and drinks can be difficult for you to eat and drink when you are experiencing this post-treatment sensitivity. Fortunately, there are some simple tips and tricks for dealing with teeth sensitivity.

Foods and drinks that trigger teeth sensitivity

After laser teeth whitening, teeth are often very sensitive. The dentist will remind the patient to avoid certain foods that are more likely to trigger that sensitivity. These five types of food are especially likely to cause pain to sensitive teeth. These are:

  • Ice cream
  • Coffee
  • Juice
  • Candy
  • Alcohol

Why some foods trigger teeth sensitivity

Certain foods are more likely to trigger tooth pain and sensitivity because of sugar and acidity. Acidic and sugary foods can damage the enamel of teeth. Candy not only has a lot of sugar, but it is also often hard and sticky. Foods and drinks that are starchy and sugary require thorough brushing and flossing soon after consumption. People may brush too hard and further irritate their sensitive teeth.

High and low temperatures can trigger teeth sensitivity. Ice cream and ice water can be very painful to consume because the extreme cold further irritates the nerves of the teeth. Drinking coffee can cause a lot of issues since it is both hot and acidic. Patients who did not have trouble with teeth sensitivity before laser teeth whitening may want to resume eating and drinking normally but might find they have a new sensitivity.

How to overcome teeth sensitivity

Sometimes avoidance is a good idea. If that is not an option, using a straw can help deliver the drink without touching sensitive teeth. Taking small bites or licking cold desserts can also help to prevent the cold food from touching the teeth. If possible, people may want to allow the food or drink to come to room temperature. The good news is that teeth sensitivity after laser teeth whitening does not last long.

Some people can avoid cold food or drink altogether. Teeth sensitivity after laser teeth whitening usually only lasts one to two days. The discomfort should improve, and many people can resume eating and drinking their favorite things without pain. If teeth sensitivity does not improve after a couple of days, the patient should follow up with the dentist.

The bottom line with laser teeth whitening

Teeth sensitivity after laser teeth whitening is normal. Your dentist will often apply a fluoride treatment in the office after the procedure to help minimize your sensitivity discomfort. You may still have some sensitivity for a day or two, but then it goes away. Once it does, you can go back to eating and drinking without pain. Always check with a dentist if things do not feel right after a procedure.

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