All On 4 – How To Get New Teeth In a Day

This oral health solution is meant for those who desire a fixed restoration of the teeth without delay. The All-On-4 cutting-edge technology empowers our dental professionals to provide dental imaging for the application of implant diagnosis and analysis. We will provide patients with the information they need to make an educated decision on the use of All-On-4 treatment.

A Look at All-On-4

The best way to describe All-On-4 is a technique that provides a fully fixed bridge on dental implants. A minimum of four dental implants will be necessary to provide this popular smile restoration technique for good reason. We can complete the All-On-4 procedure in as little as one day. If the patient's bridgework or crowns are failing or if the patient has severe bone loss, the patient now has the option to renew his or her smile.

There is no longer a need to add enough strength to support a full set of teeth. The use of implants at precise angles dramatically improves strength. This allows for the secure anchoring of a fixed bridge with as little as four implants. Using fewer implants ultimately saves the patient thousands of dollars. Patients remain comfortable throughout the entirety of the procedure thanks to the spacious seating and care of our friendly oral health care professionals.

The Advantages of All On 4

This procedure has a seemingly never-ending list of benefits. Aside from the fact that it takes as little as a single visit, All On 4 will prove reliable across the long haul. There is minimal chance for replacement, no slippage to worry about, no dietary limitations or any other flaws. There is significantly less radiation with All On 4 than the conventional CT scanner.

You will be able to eat, laugh, grin and have fun with others in public without a second thought. This youthful spirit and look are exactly what you need to be at your best. Furthermore, All On 4 prevents bone loss and cuts down on time spent in the dental chair. Fewer visits to the dentist will mean more free time for the patient, spending less money on appointments and experiencing as little discomfort as possible. If a patient is looking for a quick and nearly painless way to improve a smile and confidence, All-On-4 is the solution.

All On 4 Candidates

Most patients are excellent All-On-4 candidates. About nine out of every ten patients ultimately meet the qualifications for this procedure. The patient needs to let us know of any health issues and medications prior to the procedure. We will use cutting-edge three-dimensional imaging technology to analyze the patient's bone volume, quality and quantity to determine the appropriate treatment option(s).

Our team can even simulate the surgery prior to you sitting in the chair. You can check out a virtual surgery to see the results before committing.

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Are you looking for a fixed restoration of your teeth in as little as a day? We are here to improve the health and beauty of your teeth and gums. Reach out to us today to schedule an initial consultation.

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