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All-on-4® vs. Full Denture: How to Choose

All-on-4 Dental Implants Port Charlotte, FL

Many dental patients who experience tooth loss over time wonder what denture treatment is available to help. Two of the most common and effective options for treating multiple or a full arch of missing teeth are All-on-4® and full dentures.

All-on-4® and full dentures as replacement tooth options 

While both of these treatments are effective, they take different approaches when it comes to missing teeth. The following explains how All-on-4® and full dentures work to help patients decide which option is most suitable for their needs. 

All-on-4® implants 

All-on-4® are a full set of dental implants that are used as a replacement for multiple missing teeth. The procedure involves placing four titanium screws inside the jaw to act as an anchor, then attaching the artificial teeth on top. The implants allow for a temporary denture to be placed while osseointegration takes place. This process, which usually takes between four to six months, allows the implant to fuse together with the jawbone to provide a stable and secure base for the permanent false teeth to be attached to. 

All-on-4® implants offer a more permanent solution for tooth loss and have the appearance and function of natural teeth. They also have the ability to preserve jaw bone density and prevent sagging of the face. With proper care, these implants can last over 20 years. 

Full denture 

This tooth replacement option fits directly over the gums and is removable. The denture uses an acrylic resin base that is crafted to resemble actual gum tissue, with false teeth attached on top. Full dentures are used to replace an entire row of missing teeth and are typically done for both the upper and lower jaws. A full denture is customized to fit each individual patient’s mouth to ensure a proper and secure fit. Dentures have evolved over time, and the current models are more comfortable with a natural appearance. 

Making the choice between All-on-4® and a full denture 

The choice between these options depends on many individual factors for each patient. All-on-4® implants are a longer-lasting and permanent solution that can preserve oral health by preventing bone loss. This treatment can also help patients eat and speak with ease. However, the All-on-4® treatment can be more expensive and invasive. Patients also need a strong and healthy jawbone for implants to be a viable option. 

Dentures are a much more cost-effective option, and the treatment is shorter with an easier recovery. However, a full denture cannot prevent shrinkage of the jawbone due to missing teeth and often needs to be adjusted, as the fit can change over time. Dentures are prone to slipping as well. 


Dental patients with multiple missing teeth may consider these options for a smile restoration. Regardless of which procedure is chosen, All-on-4® and dentures are both highly recommended and successful treatments that can help patients feel more confident in their smiles and appearance.

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