An Emergency Dentist Can Treat Adults, Teens, and Kids

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A good emergency dentist knows that urgent oral health issues can come to anyone. If you or one of your children have a sudden emergency, you can feel positive about going to an emergency dental office. The dentist and staff members have the knowledge and training to address a wide range of conditions. Instead of suffering from tooth or gum pain, get immediate relief and restore your oral health.

What an emergency dentist can do for patients

A dentist who focuses on urgent dental matters has training in surgical procedures. This dental professional is accustomed to treating people who have suffered trauma to the mouth. Also, the dentist understands how to diagnose and treat patients of all ages. The dentist will encounter people in tremendous pain, so they will have the skill to calm patients as well. At an emergency dental office, the staff will follow up with the patient’s general dentist for ongoing care.

Common emergency issues with adults

Adult patients can suffer a wide variety of urgent dental problems. The emergency dentist typically helps older people who have severe toothaches. Decay and infections typically cause these. Such issues can impact a person’s ability to accomplish basic everyday tasks. To provide care, the dentist may perform a root canal or place a crown over the affected tooth. Adults at emergency offices often have jaw problems as well.

Common emergency issues with teenagers

Adolescent patients are often active, so injuries to the teeth are common. The emergency dentist may treat patients who have broken or knocked-out teeth. Sports injuries or accidents from similar activities can cause this damage. The dentist may treat the patient with a crown or veneer. If the patient loses a tooth, the dentist may be able to save it. Otherwise, the dentist could recommend implants or a dental bridge.

Common emergency issues with kids

Even the youngest of patients can have emergency oral health needs. Children can have a difficult time brushing and flossing, so severe cavities are not uncommon. Poor oral hygiene can also lead to gum disease such as periodontitis. At its most profound stages, this condition can lead to tooth or bone loss. Immediate attention is required to reverse its effects. The emergency dentist can use techniques such as scaling or root planing.

The benefits of seeking emergency help

Some moderate dental issues can wait for days or weeks until the patient can visit the general dentist. When pain and discomfort become debilitating, the emergency dentist can offer quick relief. The patient can make a same-day appointment. Another benefit of seeking emergency care is that the office is open late and on the weekends.

Getting treatment at any age

The emergency dentist is ready and able to diagnose and treat all types of patients. Regardless of the severity of your issue, you should not hesitate to come in for a visit. Call the dentist today if you are worried about your oral health. You should not have to suffer these troubling issues. For the youngest patients, the staff can help them feel comfortable at the office.

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