Ask an Implant Dentist: How Does an Artificial Tooth Root Work?

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If you have one or more missing teeth, you may be eligible to get dental implants from an implant dentist. Even if you already have alternatives like dental bridges, partials or full dentures, a dental implant can offer you a dental restoration option that feels, functions and looks like your natural teeth. Continue reading to learn more about how this artificial tooth root works.

How artificial tooth roots work

Dental implants are essentially artificial tooth roots. Made from titanium metal, the implant post is inserted surgically into the jawbone at the location of the missing teeth. After insertion, the implant dentist will attach the dental prosthesis, which could be a crown, bridge or denture. The new dental restoration will look and function like natural teeth.

The titanium used for implants is biocompatible, meaning they can fuse with bone material. This allows them to provide a solid support for the tooth prosthesis. Crowns, bridges or dentures fixed to dental implants will not move or slip in the mouth. The secure fit ensures that dentures and bridges feel more structurally sound and reliable than their traditional counterparts.

Types of dental implants

Two varieties of dental implants are commonly used:

Endosteal implants – the more common option of the two, these implants are placed directly inside the jawbone. They are often used for bridges and removable dentures. After the surrounding bone and gum tissues heal, another procedure will be needed to connect the abutment to the implant head, which will be the connector for the dental restoration.

Subperiosteal implants – often used for those who lack adequate healthy bone, the metal post is placed on the jawbone, right under the gum tissue. As the gums heal, the frame will fuse to the jawbone. The abutment that is connected to the post protrudes from the gums. Afterward, the dental prosthesis is mounted on the abutment.

Why choose dental implants

The dental implant offers multiple benefits over other dental replacement solutions. Aside from the natural function and appearance, dental implants allow dentists to replace a single tooth without compromising the health of the nearby teeth. The other alternative for single tooth replacement, the fixed bridge, entails shaving down adjacent teeth to support the bridge.

Since the dental implant replaces the lost tooth root, it allows for better preservation of the bone. When a tooth is missing, the bone that used to support the tooth starts to deteriorate. The artificial tooth root integrates with the bone to preserve the health and structure of the bone.

Patients who have healthy gums and enough bone density to support the implants can opt for this option. The process might take a few months, but the wait is usually worth it.

Consider your options

A missing tooth can affect dental functions and compromise your oral health. If you are considering getting artificial tooth roots to replace your missing teeth, you should book an appointment with the implant dentist as soon as possible. The dental professional will be happy to guide you through the process and restore your smile’s appearance and functions.

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