Composite Fillings as Dental Restoration for Tooth Decay

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Dental restoration is possible with composite fillings. These fillings match the color of your natural teeth. Composites are moldable and durable. Once the patient’s teeth have these fillings, traces of decay or other forms of damage disappear. The fillings blend well with the dental structures, especially when the dentist finishes placing them. If you are thinking about getting composite fillings soon, here are the details.

The procedure

Cavities get worse without early treatment. One of the most effective ways to treat it is by applying composite fillings on them. For this treatment, the dentist must assess the patient’s teeth first. Doing so enables the dentist to find the teeth that need fillings. An injection of local anesthetic will make the procedure pain-free. The dentist will clean each tooth and drill out the decayed materials.

Etching must take place to make sure that the bonding will be strong. After rinsing out the etching gel or liquid, the dentist will fill the clean spaces with composite fillings. Sanding and shaping the fillings will follow. These ensure that the surfaces of the teeth are smooth and level. The dentist will then polish each filling to make them feel and look like natural teeth.

The patient must be patient during the procedure, especially if there are at least three teeth that need composite fillings. A tooth that has a deep cavity may need 45 minutes to restore. The patient should prepare a day for the dental visit. This will ensure that the composite fillings will have proper placement.

Composite fillings instead of amalgam fillings

Composite fillings may be a better choice than amalgam fillings in restoring a smile. Amalgam fillings are made of metals. These are durable fillings, but because of the metal, amalgam fillings expand and contract with the changes in temperatures. The expansion and contraction of amalgam fillings can cause dental cracks and fractures. That is why dentists prefer composite fillings for restoring teeth.

Tooth-colored composite fillings are moldable and durable. These restorations have strong resin that can take the pressures of chewing and biting. There are no traces of metal in composite fillings. That is why these fillings do not expand and contract. What remains of the natural tooth will not crack or split even if there are temperature changes in the patient’s mouth.

Composite fillings and teeth whitening

If a patient’s tooth has a darker tint, dentists usually recommend a teeth-whitening treatment first. This will make the composite fillings blend better with the color of the tooth. Yet, if the patient’s tooth is already lighter, the dentist can proceed with the filling treatment right away. The dentist will need to replace old dental crowns and fillings after the placement of the new fillings.

You have a complete dental restoration with composite fillings

Natural teeth are prone to damages and staining. Restoring your teeth is possible with composite fillings. They are ideal if you want a discreet way to repair your teeth. Taking the time to consult with your dentist can help you set your goals for your upcoming dental restoration.

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