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Dental Bridge or Dental Implant – Which Solution is Right for You?

Dental BridgeDental bridges and implants are two of the most popular ways to replace missing teeth. Bridges are the more affordable option, but implants have lots of benefits that make them the better option for some people. To help you decide which option is better for your particular situation, let's take a look at these two dental devices in more detail.

Dental implants

Implants are a permanent solution for missing teeth. These devices can last upwards of 40 years or even an entire lifetime with good oral hygiene. Implants mimic the look and function of your natural teeth, while also not requiring specific cleaning techniques beyond regular brushing. Taking proper care of implants is the same as taking care of your natural teeth.

During the procedure, we will administer a shot of anesthetic and then attach a titanium screw to your jawbone. This screw is what is known as an implant and it has a post on the externally-facing end. Once the screw fuses with the patient's jawbone, we will attach a crown to the post. When the procedure is complete, the screw is no longer visible and will be nearly impossible for anyone you interact with to know that you have artificial teeth.

Implants function just like your regular teeth, so you are free to enjoy all your favorite foods once the procedure is complete. Patients who have adequate jawbone tissue also have the option of getting same day implants. During this procedure, a crown is attached to the screw the same day it is inserted into your jawbone.

Dental Bridges

There is no need for surgery when it comes to dental bridges. These devices consist of two crowns that we place on the teeth closest to the gap on both sides. These serve as anchors for the artificial teeth that are known as pontics.

There are three main types of dental bridges: traditional, cantilever and Maryland-bonded bridges. Traditional bridges are the type of bridge that is described above, while cantilever and Maryland-bonded bridges are only necessary for scenarios where there are only teeth on one side to use as anchors.

For cantilever bridges, only one tooth is the anchor, while multiple teeth secure the pontics for Maryland-bonded bridges. That makes Maryland-bonded bridges the preferred option when only one side of the gap has teeth that can act as anchors. Dental bridges do not have the longevity that comes with implants and require specialized cleaning. Bridges also require more maintenance than implants.

Key features of implants

  • Implants are a permanent solution
  • Implants do not require specialized cleaning
  • Implants promote healthy bone tissue
  • Implants can last an entire lifetime
  • Implants require surgery

Key features of dental bridges

  • Prevents teeth from shifting
  • Requires specialized cleaning
  • Barely visible in your mouth
  • Doesn’t require any surgery

Still not sure whether to go with implants or bridges? Contact one of our dentists for a consultation. We will examine your teeth and determine the most effective option to help you regain full use of your teeth with less issues.

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