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Discuss Your Health Concerns with a Dentist Open On Saturdays

Dentist Open On Saturdays As a Dentist Open On Saturdays , we treat patients that would otherwise not be able to receive dental care. We understand how busy life is and that the demands of a busy work schedule and school activities for children can make it difficult to receive traditional dental care. With most dentists only being open Monday through Friday, and closing by 5, it can be difficult if not impossible for people to make time for something that is so critical to their oral health. This is why we offer extended hours and the ability to provide your family with dental care on the weekends. Now, there is no reason to delay having your teeth cleaned or scheduling an important dental examination. This is especially true if you are concerned about your oral health due to various symptoms that you have been noticing. While most people think of tooth decay and gum disease when they consider oral health, there are other conditions that you should be aware of that require treatment and we are here to assist you if you develop them.

Watch for Symptoms and Schedule an Examination

Since we are a Dentist Open On Saturdays , you can call our office if you notice any symptoms that are causing you concern.  Very often, symptoms will go away on their own but since common oral health problems and oral cancer often manifest in similar ways, it is wise to visit our office if they do not go away after a couple of weeks.  Things to watch for include –

Red Bumps

Red bumps could be a variety of issues. For example, if you have red bumps on the inside of your mouth they could be harmless canker sores. While uncomfortable, they are typically not contagious and will go away on their own with time. Cold sores or fever blisters can also be red bumps on the outside of your mouth and while contagious, they will also go away. The concern is that if you have red bumps that do not go away, you could have oral cancer. We can examine you to determine what is causing your bumps and determine the best way to treat them.

Rough Patches

If you develop rough patches on the inside of your mouth, this could be due to what you ate.  Foods high in acid or sugar can lead to rough patches in your mouth but those should go away within a few days.  Rough patches that remain could be a sign of oral cancer.

Hard Lumps and Bumps

A dental abscess (infection) can create a hard lump in your mouth.  An abscess requires immediate dental intervention and treatment so that the infection can be removed and your mouth restored to good health.  Otherwise, this too can be a sign of oral cancer.  In any case, a hard lump or bump requires treatment.

Call a Dentist Open On Saturdays

If you need help, don't wait for treatment.  Call our dental office and we will examine and treat you on a day that is convenient for your schedule.

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