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Endodontics Explained: FAQs

Endodontics Port Charlotte, FL

You may be unfamiliar with endodontics or may be confused about this branch of dentistry. Not everyone will need to see an endodontist. Still, this dental professional offers important care to people with severe oral health care concerns. It is helpful to understand what an endodontist does and whether one can benefit you. There are key differences between this person and a general dentist.

Effective ways to maintain good oral health

The smartest way to avoid issues such as cavities and gum disease is to brush and floss regularly. People of all ages should brush at least twice a day, especially after meals. This activity will clean the teeth and prevent the buildup of bacteria, which leads to plaque and tartar. Daily flossing will stave off gum disease and reduce the risk of tooth decay.

Visiting the dentist can also promote healthy teeth and gums. Patients should make and keep semiannual appointments. At these visits, the dentist can educate the patient on good habits. The dentist can also diagnose the person with certain conditions and develop a treatment plan.

Defining endodontics

An endodontist is a dental professional that focuses on preserving the natural teeth. Endodontists have knowledge and training to treat conditions that affect the pulp and surrounding tissues of the tooth. This person will have the education and hands-on work experience beyond dental school. Also, an endodontist can remove diseases that would otherwise lead to infections or tooth loss.

Procedures the endodontist does and how they work

To save damaged pulp, the endodontist will perform a root canal. This process is more invasive than a filling. To do this procedure, the staff at the endodontics office will first numb the patient with a local anesthetic. This comforts the person and helps to ensure there will be minimal discomfort or no pain during the process.

The endodontist will then drill into the tooth and clean out any decay. Next, the pulp is removed. This chamber contains nerves, blood vessels, and other tissue. Once the endodontist takes out the pulp, the tooth is sealed. This prevents infection and protects the tooth from additional damage.

Helping the patient to recover

Root canals are a successful intervention, but there can be some lingering effects. Some people feel discomfort or soreness in the mouth afterward. The endodontist may prescribe pain medication or recommend that patient takes an over-the-counter drug. The endodontist will also work with the general dentist to schedule a time for the patient to get a crown over the affected tooth, if necessary. The endodontics office will then follow up with the person to check on the tooth.

Let an endodontics office help with more serious conditions

If you have extreme tooth pain or mouth soreness, you may need a root canal. An endodontist can treat these issues and perform this procedure. This person has the knowledge and training you can count on to restore your health. Call an office near you today if you suspect you might need this treatment. Do not put off this visit. You can have peace of mind knowing the endodontist can relieve your suffering.

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