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If you are missing all your teeth on either your upper or lower arch, then All-On-4® may be an option for you. With All-On-4, four implants are placed in the upper or lower jawbone. These implants allow a denture to be placed on top of them. There are several benefits to All-On-4 implants over other options for missing teeth. Read on to learn about everything you should know when you are considering All-On-4 implants.

Benefits of All-On-4

When a patient has missing teeth, it is important to replace them as soon as possible. It can be difficult for a patient to eat nutritious foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, without teeth. In the long term, this can contribute to many health problems.

One benefit of All-On-4 over a simple denture or bridge is that it can stimulate the patient’s jawbone. Each of the four implants is placed deep inside the patient’s jawbone. When the patient chews, the implants will move just enough to stimulate the jawbone. This can prevent bone loss in the long run. Unlike traditional dentures, All-On-4 implants will most likely not need to be adjusted because the patient will not lose bone mass.

Recovery from the All-On-4 procedure

It may take a few months for the entire All-On-4 process. After the dentist has placed the implants in the patient’s jawbone, the patient may receive a temporary denture until the area around the implants has healed. This can take several months because the patient must wait for the bone to grow around the implants to ensure a solid fit. In other cases, the dentist may place the final implant in the patient’s mouth the same day.

No matter how it is done, the patient will spend some time recovering. Right after the surgery, the patient should not eat anything that requires chewing. Keeping the implants in one place is important because the dentist places them in precise locations. Chewing too soon could cause the implants to shift. The dentist will recommend soft foods such as applesauce or yogurt after surgery.

Some swelling or even bruising is normal in the face in the next several days. Using an ice pack in the first 24 hours can help reduce the risk of swelling later on. It can also be helpful to eat cold, soft foods, such as yogurt or ice cream. Hot foods such as soups can actually increase the risk of bleeding for the patient.

If the patient follows all of the instructions from the dentist, the patient can increase the chances of a successful All-On-4 experience. This includes taking all of the prescribed medications.

Visit a dentist today

If you are missing all or most of your teeth, then All-On-4 may be right for you. All-On-4 offers several benefits over other tooth-replacement options. Patients will be able to eat as normal after the healing stage. Visiting a dentist can help you take the first step toward replacing your smile.

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