FAQs About Sterilization and Disinfection for Infection Control at Dragonfly Dental of Port Charlotte

Infection control Port Charlotte, FL

Emergency dentistry practices worry about infection control to stop the spread of COVID-19. Going to an emergency dentistry practice to address a major dental need can be daunting. It is even more stressful now. You can take comfort to know that the dentist has your well-being in mind. The dentist will follow the American Dental Association guidelines to keep the office clean.

The continual need for emergency dental procedures

Dragonfly Dental of Port Charlotte still continues to help patients who have serious dental needs. These include relieving extreme tooth pain and repairing damaged teeth. The dentist will monitor employees’ health and not allow those with any COVID-19 symptoms to come to work. The dentist will also look for signs among patients who come into the office. People who have the disease can still get necessary dental work. The dentist will work with the person’s doctor for guidance in these situations.

Emphasizing proper etiquette

Dentists should promote good health practices among their employees at this time to help with infection control. People in the office should cough or sneeze into a tissue. The dentist should provide tissues for both employees and patients to use when needed. Also, staff members should not touch other people’s phones, keyboards and office equipment, if possible. Personal items should be off-limits to co-workers.

Handwashing for infection control

Keeping hands clean is one of the most effective ways to maintain infection control during the pandemic. Staff members should regularly do this with soap and water. More importantly, the dentist at Dragonfly Dental of Port Charlotte will wash before and after treating each patient. The dentist will also do this if their hands become soiled or after touching an object contaminated with blood or saliva. All people should wash with warm water for 20 seconds or longer.

An alcohol-based rub is another good way to promote infection control. This should contain at least 60% alcohol. The dentist should provide hand sanitizer in the office. Bathrooms should also always have soap available.

Cleaning the office

Good housekeeping practices are especially critical for infection control. Staff members should regularly wipe common touchpoints with disinfectant. These areas include doorknobs, handles, light switches, armrests and dental chairs. Employees should clean any surfaces a patient has touched before the next patient comes in for treatment.

Dental tools and equipment

The team at Dragonfly Dental of Port Charlotte understands the importance of infection control. The dentist has a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree and follows the right practices to maintain wellness in the office. The dentist will properly sterilize every piece of equipment before using it. Also, the dentist will wear gloves, a facemask, eye protection and a face shield. The dentist will replace these after each use.

Know you are in good hands

If you have a dental emergency, do not shy away from making an appointment at Dragonfly Dental of Port Charlotte. The staff is doing everything it should to follow infection control. You can have peace of mind to know that the office and equipment are clean. Express concerns and ask questions about the practice’s policies and procedures.

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