All On Four in Port Charlotte Can Replace Your Missing Teeth

All On FourIf you are missing all of your natural teeth, also known as being in a completely edentulous state, All On Four may be your solution to enjoying a full, beautiful, and functional smile once again. Studies show that this procedure provides a successful solution for patients in the short-term and the long-term. Combining the use of dental implants and high-quality prosthetic teeth, All On Four offers patients a quick and permanent answer to missing teeth if they are tired of trying alternative options or they want a long-lasting set of teeth without having to wear removable dentures.

It Can Work Even If You Aren't Eligible for Traditional Implants

If you have been turned away when you inquired about dental implants in the past due to irreversible oral tissue damage, we may be able to help you achieve the solution you desire. In complicated cases, patients may not be eligible for traditional implants, but they are still able to have a successful All On Four procedure. If the jawbone has suffered damage from periodontal disease, it may not be strong enough to support traditional implants. All On Four uses only four implants that are uniquely anchored at an angle in areas where mandibular damage is rare. Tilted distal implants are placed in the edentulous arches, which enables the placement of stronger, less invasive, and longer implants that are able to support more prosthetic teeth per implant than traditional dental implants.

The Success Rates Are Unbeatable

A clinical study including over 200 patients with procedures similar to All On Four showed that the procedure typically resulted in a 98 percent implant survival rate after five years. With success rates so high, the reasons to not try All On Four are nonexistent unless, in a rare case, we note after an evaluation that the quality of your jawbone or oral tissues will not support even this type of tooth replacement.

How It Works

During the procedure, we will insert four titanium implants into your jawbone on each arch at angles that will support multiple prosthetic teeth. The prosthetic teeth will then be immediately applied so you will only have to return for a few dental appointments. With time and only light use, the implant will heal and osseointegrate with your jawbone, creating permanent teeth replacements for your entire mouth.

It Is More Affordable

With traditional dental implants, you would be required to pay for each individual implant until all your teeth are replaced after months to years of healing. The All On Four procedure offers a more affordable option with a shorter healing period. Because this type of implant requires fewer actual implant rods to support full arches of teeth, it typically costs much less than having each individual tooth replaced.

Schedule a Consultation with Our Office

If you miss having a full set of teeth and you are tired of wearing loose and irritating dentures, visit our office to learn more about trying All On Four as your permanent replacement option.  We can examine you and let you know if this solution will be an effective way to restore your smile.

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