Should I See a General Dentist Every Six Months?

Should I See a General Dentist Every Six Months? from Dragonfly Dental of Port Charlotte in Port Charlotte, FLYour general dentist is your ally in keeping your mouth healthy. Daily brushing and flossing are good practices. Even so, gum disease, wear, and tooth decay can still occur. That is why dental checks are essential. If you want to know why you should see your general dentist twice a year, here are the details.

Oral examination

The general dentist examines the patient’s mouth during every dental appointment. Dental X-rays and additional exams take place. An oral examination is important in spotting any brewing dental issue. Early detection means timely treatment. It is more inexpensive and less stressful to treat a dental problem at its early stages.

One good example is having fluoride treatments to prevent cavities. The tooth remains intact if this treatment is on a regular basis. A tooth with small cavities needs dental fillings. Cavities become larger and deeper. More expensive procedures like a root canal can restore the tooth.

Tartar removal

Daily brushing and flossing remove food particles and plaque. The patient can use a manual or an electric, ultrasonic toothbrush. A manual toothbrush can strip off food particles and plaque. An ultrasonic toothbrush can strip off even the particles and plaque in between teeth. The vibrations help dislodge them.

Flossing after thorough brushing can remove more plaque and food particles. Even with diligence, there will always be leftover plaque. Hardened plaque becomes tartar. Regular oral hygiene cannot remove tartar. A visit to the dentist can remove this hard substance.

Every general dentist has a scaler for scraping tartar off the surface of teeth. Then, a heavy-duty toothbrush and gritty toothpaste follow up by cleaning the teeth even more. The patient’s teeth become free of superficial staining and tartar. Dental health is secure once again.

Dental restorations

The general dentist can treat any dental damage during the dental visit. This saves the patient another trip for another dental appointment. The patient does not have to worry about it anymore. The general dentist can also repair previous dental problems the patient dismissed before.

Preventive treatments

A dental visit twice a year can also involve preventive treatments. This is possible if the patient’s teeth are prone to problems like tooth decay and gum disease. The general dentist always informs the patient about these treatments. That way, the patient understands why the preventive treatments will happen. Common preventive treatments are fluoride treatments and dental sealants.

Cosmetic treatments

The general dentist can also perform cosmetic treatments. The patient can discuss possible dental restorations to enhance the appearance of teeth. Composite bonding, veneer placement, and teeth whitening are a few of the cosmetic treatments available. Teeth whitening and composite bonding can happen in one dental appointment.

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Visiting your general dentist twice each year can improve your dental and general health

Dental exams are non-invasive strategies to catch dental issues early. It is a huge part of preventive dentistry. These checkups can enhance your daily oral hygiene practices. Routine dental appointments with your general dentist can elevate your dental and general health even more.

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