How a Dentist Can Help You Preview Your Smile Makeover Results

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Before you commit to a Smile makeover, you should have a solid idea of what the end result should look like. That’s why a cosmetic dentist will always give you a sneak peek of your future smile. A preview of the end result of your smile makeover is an integral part of the process. It allows you to give feedback, which a cosmetic dentist will use to adjust and refine your treatment plan.

Why a preview of your smile makeover is important

Here are some of the different ways cosmetic dentists render visual representations of their patients’ future smiles.

Before and after photos

This is the most basic way to preview a smile makeover. A cosmetic dentist takes a prospective patient through a portfolio of patients that had similar aesthetic defects as the patient. The portfolio comprises photos of individuals before they undergo smile makeovers and after they get their new, improved smiles.

As previews go, before and after photos are a good start, but they are not the most accurate representation of what an individual’s smile will look like after a smile makeover. That said a dentist’s portfolio is a good indicator of their skill.

3D simulation

A cosmetic dentist may use dental imaging software to design a smile that improves the aesthetic appearance of their patient’s teeth, mouth and face. The cosmetic dentist begins the process by using an intra-oral camera to take 3D pictures of the patient’s mouth. Usually, the camera connects to a computer that runs specialized computer-aided design (CAD) software.

The software processes the images to create a 3D replica of the patient’s mouth. With the participation of the patient, the cosmetic dentist uses the specialized design software to create a new smile that enhances the look of the patient’s mouth and ultimately, their face.

Wax/plaster mockups

Consider this to be the old-school version of the 3D simulation. A cosmetic dentist will have their patient bite down on soft, pliable, wax-like material. The result of the bite is an impression that the dentist uses to make a replica of the patient’s mouth.

The cosmetic dentist then works on individual teeth on the replica to create a model or preview of an ideal smile. The patient gets to see a life-sized mockup of what their smile would look like after a makeover. At this point, it is possible for the patient to request adjustments to the model.

Temporary dental restorations

The best way to evaluate the suitability of a smile makeover is with a test drive, so to speak. A cosmetic dentist may recommend that the patient try on the temporary version of a prospective smile makeover device. They will make the recommendation if their patient is a candidate for veneers or similar restorations.

Once the cosmetic dentist creates the design for their patient’s new smile, they execute it with temporary dental bonding.

Dental bonding works like removable plaster and does not affect the structure of underlying teeth. A cosmetic dentist will use the bonding to reshape the underlying teeth so that a patient can spend a few days with their future smile.

After a short while, the patient will check in with the dentist to offer their feedback. Where necessary, the dentist will make adjustments before they perform the actual smile makeover.

Let us revitalize your smile

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