How a Cosmetic Dentist Whitens Teeth

How a Cosmetic Dentist Whitens Teeth from Dragonfly Dental of Port Charlotte in Port Charlotte, FLOne of the most popular procedures cosmetic dentists offers is teeth whitening. So, if you are one of the many who would like to see your teeth a few shades brighter, you are not alone. However, those considering these procedures should know what to expect. This article covers key details of teeth whitening from a cosmetic dentist.

Why teeth whitening from a dentist

Teeth whitening kits and products are sold everywhere online and in stores. One does not necessarily have to see a dentist for teeth whitening, and often these kits for sale seem a lot less expensive. The problem is that they are unlikely to yield the high-quality results a cosmetic dentist can produce. Dentists have in-depth knowledge of teeth and enamel and know what works and does not work. Also, with guidance, people can avoid hurting their teeth and gums during the teeth whitening process. A trained cosmetic dentist is recommended for safe and effective results.

Types of professional teeth whitening

There are many processes dentists use to whiten teeth. However, all these protocols usually fall into two basic categories.

In-office whitening

This process is carried out in the dentist's office. The process can take from one to several appointments depending on the method used and the results desired by the client. An advantage of the in-office method is that it can be less work for the patient. Also, stronger whitening solutions can create more dramatic results because a dentist directly supervises the process.

Take-home kit

These are kits dentists sell in their offices. The dentist will fit the patient with a custom tray to help protect the gums while the whitening solution works. These kits typically have more whitening power than store-bought ones. Also, the patient has a dentist's guidance when using this method. Whitening kits can work with a patient's schedule and are generally more economical than in-office whitening.

Other ways dentists whiten teeth

Some stains and discolorations will not improve with whitening kits. For these cases, cosmetic dentists recommend bonding or dental veneers. During the dental bonding process, a cosmetic dentist covers the discolored tooth with a tooth-colored resin. In the veneer process, the dental professional covers the front of the patient's teeth with a thin porcelain shell. Dental bonding tends to be more economical than dental veneers and takes less time.

It is also important to note that teeth whitening does not change the color of dental work, such as dental bonding, crowns, veneers, and fillings. Talk to a cosmetic dentist about dental work you have done before undergoing teeth whitening. It is also important to ensure teeth and gums are in otherwise good health before teeth whitening.

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Are you looking to brighten your smile?

Teeth whitening can help you smile with more enthusiasm and confidence. As cosmetic dentists, we help our patients achieve a brighter and healthier-looking smile. To learn more about teeth whitening procedures, call our team today.

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