Learn About a Dental Crown Procedure

Dental CrownAre your teeth breaking? Dental crowns are often used for those who have damaged teeth. The main reason why someone would need a dental crown placed in their mouth is because they have too much tooth decay, making it so that the tooth needs to be saved or it will die. The job of the crown is to help protect the tooth from further decay, which is often preferred as the other option is to pull the tooth. A crown can also be used to improve your overall smile, making this dental procedure one that is becoming more and more popular every single day.

If any of your teeth are damaged and you think you may be in need of a dental crown, contact us today with your questions.

Dental crown procedure

The overall procedure for installing a dental crown is now a much simpler process. Most patients can have the entire crown process done in only two appointments, which means they do not have to spend a lot of time at the dentist office. Because so many people are busy these days, they love the fact that they are able to take care of any oral issues they may be having in only a few hours of their time.

Because there are a few crown choices available, the dentist will discuss these choices with the patient so that they are able to make the best choice for them.

  • First visit. During this first visit, the dentist will prepare the tooth (or teeth) so it will be ready to receive the crown. After numbing the area, the dentist will remove all of the decay as well as shape the tooth to prepare it for the crown install. The dentist will then make a mold of all of the teeth, which is what will be used to make the dental crown. The dentist will then make a temporary crown for the patient to wear until the next appointment.
  • Second visit. The dentist will numb the area so that they are able to attach the permanent crown. After carefully installing the crown, the dentist will make sure that the bite is perfect before allowing the patient to leave. If the patient experiences any issues after this second appointment, the dentist will have them come in immediately for any further necessary adjustments.

The dentist will provide the patient with aftercare instructions, which will need to be followed closely in order to make sure the crown indeed does the job it is supposed to do.

Need Crowns?

If you would like more information on dental crowns or are ready to make an appointment so you can get your damaged teeth fixed, we invite you to contact us today. The sooner you take control of your good oral health, the sooner you will be able to reap the benefits that come with having a healthy mouth.

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