Need to Replace Your Teeth? Denture Benefits

Wondering what denture benefits are available for each different type of dentures? When you need to replace your teeth and are looking into your denture options, understanding all your choices so you can evaluate each one is highly recommended. The fact that today’s dentistry options are many when it comes to replacing teeth means you can make a denture choice that meets your particular lifestyle. Today’s dentistry options are also improved, which means your denture choice will come close to matching your natural teeth.

Replacing natural teeth

The two more common reasons someone would need to replace some, most or all their natural teeth is because they were involved in some form of traumatic accident that caused extensive damage to their mouth or they did not provide their mouth with the proper dental care over the years.

Denture benefits for common types

There are few different types of dentures available nowadays, making it necessary for those who need new dentures to understand the benefits of each type. The overall benefits of choosing dentures as a tooth replacement option includes the ability to consume foods and drinks better, the ability to talk with better pronunciation and the ability to give denture wearers more confidence when smiling.

Conventional full dentures. Also known as complete dentures, this denture choice is used when all or most of the teeth are missing. When complete dentures are chosen, they can take up to 12 weeks to complete the process. Complete denture benefits include the ability to once again have a full set of teeth, which makes for a healthy mouth.

Immediate full dentures. When immediate dentures are chosen, they are made in advance and therefore, can be worn as soon as the natural teeth are extracted. This is often a temporary solution until permanent complete dentures are chosen. The benefits of immediate dentures is that they allow the wearer to have teeth as they wait for their complete dentures to be made.

Removable partial dentures. Partial dentures are an option when someone does not qualify for full dentures. Partial dentures benefits include that they can be made quickly, can be removed and cause no damage to neighboring teeth.

Have any questions about dentures?

Have any more questions related to denture benefits? Since you are evaluating your denture choices, be sure to give us a call if you have any questions about a particular type of dentures. You need to make sure that the dentures you choose are going to be a good fit for you and your particular oral situation. If one of the above tooth replacement choices seem to be the right solution for you, understand that there is no better time to improve your oral health than right now. Know that we are here if you have any questions about getting your new dentures!

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