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Oral Surgery Recovery Tips

Having any type of oral surgery is never something that someone looks forward to. Although, with recent advancements in dentistry there is now more than ever more options for people with different issues that need to be corrected. Along with that, there are added benefits of recovery time being faster and medications to help with any after surgery pain.

However, there are other great tips and tricks to help someone when they are recovering from oral surgery. We will cover those here to help you or someone you know recover even faster with zero pain and no surprise issues that they may not be prepared for.

A few tips for oral surgery recovery

Depending on what type of oral surgery someone had performed, they probably will not be at their 100% directly after the procedure. Just like any surgery, the body is weakened and needs to recover and heal itself before feeling back on their game. Most people take some time to heal and recover, which is absolutely necessary in order to get better. 

Here we will outline some recovery tips that will help someone get back to 100% faster!

Protecting the surgical area

Protecting the surgical area is very important. After the surgery, the area will most likely still be tender. It is important to try not to touch the area and keep any drinking to a minimal. Typically the dentist will explain when it will be okay to begin drinking fluids again.

Another thing to do is to not spit. This can cause pressure in the mouth and the wound to reopen and cause added pain that can be avoided by simply not spitting.

Resting is vital

We know that in the day to day lives that many people live, taking a “day off” may seem impossible. However, it is important to take at least one day after the surgery to focus on resting. Dentists and medical professionals can write a “note” that can be given to an employer if it is needed. This should excuse them from work or school for a day (or so) in order to ensure a healthy recovery.

All in all, the importance of resting after any oral surgery cannot be stressed enough.

Only eat a ‘soft diet’ of foods

Although most people will not be wanting to eat anything hard or that requires a lot of chewing, it is still important to remember that softer foods are the best choice. Only eat softer foods, preferably soups and broths that do not require any chewing. By doing this you will help your body and gums heal from the surgery even faster.

Avoid smoking and alcohol

Skipping out on smoking when recovering from oral surgery is critical. The sucking motion from a cigarette can greatly affect the surgery wound more than most people would realize. Because it causes a “suction” in the mouth, the wound could easily be reopened and cause bleeding or pain. Avoiding smoking for 1-2 days after surgery will ensure that everything is in good condition.

Keep an open line of communication with the dentist

If something does not feel right, or there is much more pain than can be managed with whatever medication was prescribed, talk to the dentist or oral surgeon. They can help guide one in what to do, and take a look if there may be something not right.

Do you have any more questions about ways to prepare and recover from oral surgery? Give us a call! We are more than happy to answer any additional questions or concerns that you may have. We want to help you feel prepared and ready for your oral surgery.

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