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Partial Dentures Are An Option to Replace Missing Teeth

DenturesIf you are missing a tooth, you should consider partial dentures as a replacement. This oral health solution will allow you to smile with beaming confidence. Partial dentures look natural. They fill those unsightly empty spaces in your smile so you feel that much more at ease in social situations. You will not hesitate to talk, eat, laugh or interact with others in any manner when you have partial dentures.

An Explanation of Partial Dentures

Removable partial dentures are replacement teeth connected to a base made of acrylic that complements the colors of the patient's gums. Clasps attach to the natural teeth to keep the denture in place. Some of the teeth might also benefit from crowns that ultimately make the removable partial denture a better fit in the mouth. Ask our dentist about partial dentures to find out if this is the solution to the patient's unique oral health challenge.

Why Choose Partial Dentures for Tooth Replacement

There are numerous benefits to partial dentures. For one, this tooth replacement solution makes it that much easier to chew food. If the missing tooth or missing teeth make speech difficult, the patient will find a partial denture does the trick. If the patient has concerns about looking old due to sagging skin, a removable partial denture to support the lips and cheeks for a more youthful appearance is a great choice.

Replace Those Missing Teeth Sooner Rather Than Later

When a tooth is lost, the adjacent teeth tend to move toward the vacated space. It is also possible for teeth within the jaw to move up or down into the empty space. This movement can alter the bite. It can also shift the stress placed on jaws and teeth. If teeth shift, it will make the cleaning process that much more difficult. Poorly cleaned teeth are more likely to endure decay and gum disease. Replace the missing teeth with partial dentures and one will not have to worry about the problems brought about by shifting teeth.

Minimal Care Necessary

There is not much to worry about with partial dentures. Do not wear them 24 hours a day. If there are sore spots, our dentist will adjust the partial denture so it is that much more comfortable. Rinse off the partial denture once per day. Brush the surfaces while holding it over a folded towel. It is important to take good care of partial dentures so that the individual can speak much more clearly, feel confident and ultimately be one's self when surrounded by others.

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If you are interested in partial dentures, teeth cleaning or any other oral health care solution, give us a call. We will answer your questions and address any concerns you might have. Contact us today to get the ball rolling on your oral health care assessment.

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