Proper Denture Care

DenturesPatients who have dentures often wonder if they are cleaning this oral health device in the proper manner.  The average patient is told how to clean the dentures on the day he or she receives them, follows those directions and eventually forgets the details of the cleaning process.  If you have dentures or are considering them, print out this denture cleaning guide and put it on your bathroom wall to ensure your dentures stay perfectly clean.

Denture Care Tips

Your Dentures Need a Break Just Like You Do

If you are like most people, you work hard to put food on the table.  Your dentures also work hard throughout the day.  Give your dentures a break at night by taking them out before you hit the hay.  This break gives your mouth tissues a chance to heal and recover.  If you can't remove your dentures before sleeping, remove them for at least six hours during the day.  Let them soak in warm water during this time.  Dentures that do not have metal clasps will require soaking in a solution that is half-water and half-vinegar.  This opportunity to soak helps eliminate plaque, tartar, surface stains and bacteria.

Be Careful When Cleaning Your Dentures

Handle your dentures with care.  Dentures can break with ease so do not drop them or treat them roughly.  Hold your dentures over a folded towel so they do not break if dropped.  You can also use a bowl of water to protect your dentures in the event of a drop.

Abide by a Strict Cleaning Process

Do not try to clean your dentures with toothpicks while they are in your mouth.  It is also a mistake to use a hard brush or a strong cleaner.  These attempts to clean your dentures have the potential to cause significant damage.  Your dentures likely cost a pretty penny.  Do not put your investment at risk with a half-hearted cleaning attempt.  Furthermore, do not put your dentures in an area where your furry friends or children can access them.  Let your children know your dentures cost a good amount of money and should never be toyed with.

Dentures Must be Cleaned Every Single Day

Dentures are not real teeth yet this does not mean they will stay perfectly clean on their own.  It is possible for tartar, bacteria, and stains to build up on dentures just like regular teeth.  Dentures rife with plaque will spur oral health issues in the tissues below.  It is possible for these tissues to be irritated and even infected after exposure to plaque from dentures.

Brush your dentures once per day with a brush that has soft bristles.  Do not use a traditional toothbrush for this cleaning process.  Use a denture cleaning brush to ensure an adequate clean.  In terms of the cleaning solution, anything from dental paste to a mildly abrasive toothpaste or regular hand soap will suffice.

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