Steps Involved in a Smile Makeover

Having a great smile is a confidence booster for anyone. It is also a great way to improve one's image and first impression. For those who may have a damaged grin or a smile that could use some tuning up, a smile makeover is a step in the right direction!

A smile makeover is the process of improving one's smile through one or more cosmetic dentistry procedures. There are plenty of procedures big or small that can help one regain their natural smile. Some include dental veneers, composite bonding, tooth implants and teeth whitening. There are also multiple steps involved in a smile makeover.

Factors to consider

Even before considering a consultation or seeing a doctor, there are multiple components to take into consideration such as skin tone, teeth color and the health of your gum tissue and lips. At the end of the day, you want your smile makeover to make you look better and more natural, not worse. Tooth color plays a big role when using fillings that replace natural teeth. Whitening your teeth can improve your image and is a popular choice in a smile makeover. The shade of the restoration method used by the dentist will be considered alongside the tone and color of your face and hair to match and provide you with a natural look. The health of your mouth may also play a role in what kind of restorations are possible.

Consultation and planning

Now that you have considered some variables that may come into play later on, the second step is to consult and plan an appointment. Consulting and talking to a dentist or specialist can help you evaluate your oral health and the positioning of your teeth and gums to make sure you fix any problems beforehand. Always get checked before heading into a procedure! Problems such as tooth decay, cavities and gum disease may hinder your ability to get a smile makeover. If all steps go as planned, you can head onto the next step: preparation and treatment.

Preparation and treatment

After the consultation and planning stages are completed, it is time to prepare for the treatment. Preparation depends on each individual procedure and can vary depending on the patient. Some treatments need to have your teeth and gums applied with a certain product. Others may need a mold or model of your teeth before the procedure itself.

After preparation, it is time for treatment. This is the actual restoration process, and the treatment can range from one to multiple days in the office depending on the procedure.


The last and final step is aftercare after leaving with a new smile. Maintaining your new smile with regular oral hygiene and care will help the maintenance process over time. With some procedures such as veneers and crowns, checkups with your dentist may be required. With all procedures, make sure to always consult and communicate with your dentist to ensure the aftercare process is effective.

Now that you are aware of the steps to maintaining or achieving a new smile, consulting a specialist in the near future is all you need to do for your very own smile makeover!

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