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Teeth Bleaching Information – Common Causes of Teeth Color Change

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You can get teeth bleaching from your dentist to correct dental discoloration. A tooth can change color because of several factors. Dental staining can last for a while until you go to your dentist for treatment. If you want to know what the common causes of color change in teeth are, here is some teeth bleaching information.

Dark or colored foods and drinks

Pigmented foods can stain teeth. Artificial colors in candies and popsicles can change the color of teeth right away. Some fruits and vegetables also have vibrant colors. They tend to leave a layer of color on teeth. Yellow, black, and red sauces also stain teeth.

Sugary and dark drinks can stain teeth as well. Dark tea, soda, and juices can darken teeth, especially if the person does not rinse them off. Sports and energy drinks also have the same effect. Seeing the dentist for a teeth bleaching treatment can remove the superficial stains.

Some medications

There are antibiotics capable of turning teeth grayish-brown. Tetracycline and doxycycline can darken the young teeth of children below eight years old. Adults can experience this from taking some antipsychotics, antihistamines, and blood pressure medications. Discussing this matter with the attending physician may lead to some alternatives to the current medications. Teeth bleaching can resolve this dental issue.


Chewing or smoking tobacco can lead to brown-colored teeth. The tar and nicotine in tobacco products combine with saliva. A dark fluid then stays in the mouth. This stains the teeth over time. Regular teeth bleaching can help reduce discoloration.

Dental trauma

Severe shock can cause dental discoloration. The trauma can come from a fall, a fight, or an accident. Adults can get black or gray coloration. A child’s traumatized tooth can become brown or yellow. Seeing the dentist after a dental trauma can determine what treatment can help. The individual may need more than teeth bleaching.


This is a less common cause of dental color change. Some diseases can affect the enamel and stain them. In some cases, the treatments can discolor teeth. Radiation therapy and chemotherapy can do this to teeth. The teeth tend to become brownish during treatments.


Untreated dental staining gets worse as a person ages. Teeth start to become more yellowish as part of the natural aging process. Thinning enamel reveals the yellow color of the dentin layer underneath. Seeing the dentist can determine what treatment is most appropriate. Teeth bleaching may not be the only ideal solution to this issue.

Poor dental care

Dental staining can also be a sign of plaque buildup. It can also be the start of tooth decay. Failing to maintain a good dental care routine can lead to tartar buildup. This hardened plaque can collect more stains. This will discolor the teeth more.

Teeth bleaching can reduce or remove color changes in teeth

Tooth discoloration can cause harm or show harm to dental health. It can also result from treatments for specific diseases. Some dental staining can go away with teeth bleaching. Others may not. Your dentist can determine what treatment will suit you most.

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