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The FAQs of Sleep Dentistry

Sleep Dentistry Port Charlotte, FL

Sedation dentistry is another name for sleep dentistry. It helps keep you calm during dental procedures. Sedation dentistry can relax you as your dentist works on your gums and teeth. If you want to know more about sleep dentistry, here are some FAQs and the answers for each.

Does conscious sedation hurt, and will memory loss follow?

Twilight sedation and conscious sedation are other terms for sleep dentistry. An anesthetist handles the anesthetic drugs. The anesthetics for sedation dentistry are in smaller doses. This is to ensure the health of the patient. These drugs often cause memory loss for a short while. The effects make it easier for patients to adjust after the procedure.

What is sleep dentistry?

Sedation is for patients with difficulty, phobia, or anxiety in staying in a dental treatment chair. It is also for patients with difficulty coping with the results of the dental procedure. Four types of sedation are available for patients. These are oral sedation (using tablets), twilight conscious sedation (intravenous), general anesthetic, and laughing gas (nitrous oxide). Laughing gas is capable of relaxing patients while relieving pain and anxiety.

What types of dental treatments are possible under sleep dentistry?

Dentists can perform gum treatments, advanced surgical treatments, and extractions. Implants, bridges, crowns, and fillings are also smoother with sedation. Giving sedatives to a patient depends on the patient’s medical history. It also depends on the type of treatment the patient has to get.

Who gives the patient the anesthetic?

An anesthetist gives the anesthetic. There is often a nurse accompanying the anesthetist to check the patient throughout the treatment or procedure. This reduces the risk of complications. The patient needs to swallow and cough while under intravenous anesthesia. The anesthetist makes sure of this. Twilight sedation is a safer option than general anesthesia.

What are the benefits of sleep dentistry?

Sleep dentistry enables the patient to go through longer treatment periods. Those who have severe anxiety will have little or no memory of the treatment at all. Patients become calm and relaxed throughout the treatment. This allows the dentist to perform the procedure without interruption.

Is sleep dentistry applicable to everyone?

Most people can have sedation before their dental procedures. Patients from 16-85 years of age can go through sedation. Of course, the dentist must consider the general health of the patient first. Anxious patients who need dental treatments must be under sedation for each appointment. They will not be awake during the procedure and will have almost no memory of it. Patients with a strong gag reflex or a strong phobia for dental treatments are ideal for sleep dentistry.

Sleep dentistry can make any dental procedure stress-free

Many people suffer from anxiety when it comes to dental procedures. This makes them incapable of seeking proper dental care. Sedation can help you get proper dental treatments. This allows you to have a better quality of life. An appointment with your dentist can help answer more of your questions about sleep dentistry.

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