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Why it’s Time for a Dental Check up

Dental Check UpAfter brushing and flossing (at least twice a day), getting a dental check up regularly is the next most important thing you can do to keep your teeth and gums healthy. If you haven't gone to see your dentist as often as you know you should have this year, now is the time to make up for your missed visits before your dental insurance benefits reset on Dec. 31.

Here are a few other reasons why you should get a dental checkup or any other dental procedure you need before you insurance resets:

1. All payments towards deductible reset on Dec. 31

Most dental insurance providers don't provide any coverage until you spend a certain amount of your money called a deductible each year. If you've already visited your dentist this year, any payment you made out of your pocket goes towards this deductible. For example, let's say you have a deductible of $100. If you go for a teeth whitening session with your dentist, and paid $100 out of your pocket, you've now reached your deductible.

That means you're now eligible for whatever benefits your insurance provider offers once your deductible is met. That can be anything from a free dental check up, to free fillings. When your benefits reset on Dec. 31, you'll have to start all over from square one.

2. Use up annual maximums that benefit you

Most dental insurance providers have a maximum amount that your insurance will pay for each year. Once you go over that amount, it's up to you to pay for any other procedures you get that year. The annual maximums for most dental insurance providers is in the $1,000 to $2,000 range. The more expensive procedures like root canals can cost as much as $1500 per tooth, so if you know you'll need to have a couple of those done in the near future, you certain want to squeeze as much as you can into this year's annual maximum.

For example, if you already know you're going to need two root canals soon at $1,500 apiece and your annual maximum is $2,000, the smart way to go about it would be to get one done before this year runs out, then get the other next year. That way you don't have to pay for one with your money.

3. Take advantage of benefits that won’t be available next year

Dental insurance providers are constantly making changes to the coverages they offer, so going through the fine print of your policy in search of benefits that might not be available the following year, isn't a bad idea.

If you notice any changes that will affect any of the benefits you plan to use in the near future, you might as well use them while you still have the chance.

As has been explained above, now is the time to get a dental check up or any other dental procedure before your dental insurance resets on Dec. 31. You can expect your dentist to examine your teeth, clean and polish them, and educate you on the proper ways to take care of your teeth during your check up.

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