When Should I Visit My Dentist for Denture Care?

When Should I Visit My Dentist for Denture Care? from Dragonfly Dental of Port Charlotte in Port Charlotte, FLDentures can be a great way to replace missing teeth, but they require regular denture care and maintenance. In fact, dentures can last for ten or more years with proper denture care. How long dentures will last depends on how well and how often you take care of them.

When to visit the dentist

Dentures rarely need repairs, but dentists recommend denture care to make sure your dentures fit well and can be worn comfortably. If you have dentures, a visit to the dentist is recommended every six months so they can provide denture care tips and perform denture maintenance such as re-padding, denture relining, or denture repair if needed.

For example, dentures can loosen because gums shrink and soft tissue changes with age. If a denture is not correctly adjusted, it may appear loose in the mouth or slide around. Ill-fitting dentures may also cause mouth sores.

Loose dentures

If dentures are not fitting correctly, it may mean something in the denture needs adjusting. There are different ways dentists will adjust dentures to make sure they fit well and are comfortable. Dentists will usually start by re-padding dentures.

Re-padding dentures involves inserting additional padding into the denture to make it fit better. Dentists can add more material to the denture, in a process known as denture relining. They can also change out different parts of the denture, such as a new denture base or relining it. There are many ways dentists can adjust dentures to make them fit better, and dentists know which denture adjustment will work best for each patient.

Ill-fitting Dentures

If your dentures do not fit properly, a dentist can provide some denture care tips to help them fit more comfortably. Tips may include not eating certain foods that can cause discomfort or soreness. People with dentures that are the wrong size will need to have their dentures adjusted. Correct denture fitting and lining is crucial for comfortable and effective dentures.

A visit with your dentist is vital for denture care if they are uncomfortable or do not fit. It is also important to have dentures checked at least once every six months to make sure they are in good condition. Proper denture care will ensure your dentures fit and feel well.

Warning signs

There are a few signs that it might be time to get your denture repaired or denture cared for with your dentist. Possible signs you need your dentures repaired or denture care include:

  • Dentures that do not feel secure in the mouth
  • Dentures that feel too tight or pinch
  • Dentures that slip and slide around
  • Pain while wearing dentures, including sore spots or blisters on the gums

Dentures that fit properly and are well cared for will last a long time. A visit to the dentist is essential for denture care to ensure your dentures are in good condition and fit comfortably. Good denture dentistry and denture care will keep dentures in good condition and prevent future denture repairs.

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