What Are Dental Composite Fillings?

Composite Fillings Port Charlotte, FL

Dental composite fillings are a way to restore the health and appearance of a tooth after tooth decay occurs, and they can treat a range of other oral health concerns as well. Composite fillings are often requested due to the cosmetic benefits that they have over amalgam fillings. 

Restorative dentistry: Reviewing dental composite fillings

Dentists use composite fillings to treat teeth decay, chips, cracks, worn-down teeth, and more. This review discusses what dental composite fillings are, the pros and cons of choosing composite fillings, and how they compare with amalgam fillings and other restorative dentistry alternatives. 

Dental composite fillings explained

Dental composite fillings, also called composite resin fillings or tooth-colored fillings, are made of plastic and ceramic compounds. These produce a tooth-colored material that is strong enough to withstand pressure and last for years and is aesthetically pleasing and matches the color shade of natural teeth. Dentists use composite fillings to treat a range of oral health concerns, although they are most commonly used to fill small to mid-sized cavities. 

The pros and cons of composite fillings

The most notable advantage of composite fillings is their ability to blend in well with natural teeth. This is not the case with silver amalgam fillings or gold fillings. However, they do not provide the same level of strength that other types of dental fillings do. Subsequently, they are generally recommended for more visible teeth, and they are not as ideal for teeth in the back of the mouth, particularly if the cavity is on the chewing surface of a tooth. 

When composite fillings are recommended

Composite fillings are often used to fill cavities on the visible surfaces of teeth. They are particularly effective when used on front teeth. This is because the cosmetic benefit often outweighs the practical benefit with front teeth, whereas amalgam fillings may be better for the chewing surfaces of premolars and molars because they are stronger and able to withstand the daily pressures from chewing. 

Composite fillings vs. amalgam fillings

Composite fillings closely match the color shade of natural teeth much better than amalgam and gold fillings. However, they are not quite as strong as those other types of fillings. Composite fillings may also cost more and may not last as long if they are not taken care of properly or exposed to an excessive amount of pressure. 

How to care for dental composite fillings

There are no special care instructions with composite fillings. Patients can ensure that they remain in ideal condition and protect the teeth by brushing regularly and using floss and mouthwash as directed, in addition to regular check-up visits and dental cleanings. 

Learn more about dental composite fillings from our dental team

Dental composite fillings are ideal for restoring your smile after tooth damage occurs. While the focus of our dental practice is on prevention, we understand that cavities and other oral health concerns can develop. If you have one or more cavities that need treatment, call our dental team today.

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