What Is Teeth in a Day?

Teeth In A Day Port Charlotte, FL

Teeth in a day is a term that describes the replacement of the teeth in a dental arch with an implant-supported bridge. The entire process of teeth replacement takes place in a single procedure. This means that the placement of the dental implants and the attachment of the bridge happen on the same day.

In a single session, a dentist can transform the loose or missing teeth of a patient into a new smile. This is the main selling point of teeth in a day.

Applications and benefits of teeth in a day

Teeth in a day is a treatment option that corrects the loss of most or all of the teeth in a patient’s jaw. Dentists tend to incorporate the procedure into a larger treatment plan for patients who:

  • Suffer from severe gum disease that causes loose teeth
  • Have multiple teeth with severe injury, damage or decay
  • Want a permanent alternative to dentures
  • Have a desire to maintain the shape of their jaw with the help of a dental implant

A dentist or oral surgeon will carry out a rigorous evaluation before they recommend teeth in a day to a patient.

Candidates for teeth in a day

Patient screening for teeth in a day begins with diagnosis. The oral surgeon or dentist will request medical imaging tests to evaluate the health of any remaining teeth. These tests also provide visual information that shows the dentist the health status of the jaw and the structures that surround it.

The second part of screening is an examination of the patient’s general health. The dentist will find out if their patient has an underlying condition that could cause complications during and after dental implant surgery. Where necessary, the dentist will go through the patient’s medical records and consult with the patient’s doctor.

A dentist will clear a patient for teeth in a day if:

  1. They are healthy enough to go through dental implant surgery, which means no bleeding disorders, autoimmune disorders or depressed immunity
  2. The person has good oral habits and is free of harmful habits like teeth grinding, smoking and poor oral hygiene
  3. The patient has sufficient bone mass to anchor several dental implants
  4. The patient is healthy enough to heal quickly, which means that a diabetic with missing teeth may have to opt for more conservative treatment

Lastly, the dentist will make sure that their patient is not on any medication that would complicate surgery. For example, heart medication that thins the blood would cause excessive bleeding, while other medications could react with the anesthetic. 

Teeth in a day: What to expect from the process

After screening the patient, the oral surgeon will craft a custom treatment plan. They will use medical imaging to pinpoint optimal locations for the installation of dental implants. They will use intraoral scans of the patient’s mouth to design artificial teeth that complement the mouth and face of their patient.

The result of the design phase is a blueprint of the patient’s full-arch dental bridge. This blueprint will specify the position and dimension of each artificial tooth. It will also specify the location of the holes that accommodate the dental implants. At a dental lab, a milling machine will fabricate a bridge based on the surgeon’s design.

Dental implant surgery takes place as the dental lab mills the permanent bridge. Once the implants are in place, the oral surgeon will load them with a temporary prosthetic. When the patient heals from implant surgery, the surgeon replaces the temporary bridge with the permanent one from the dental lab.

Find the right oral surgeon to ensure the success of teeth in a day

With the right oral surgeon, the success rate of teeth in a day is comparable to other dental implant surgeries. That is a great reason to contact us if you need to improve your smile. Our oral surgeon is happy to work with you and find the best way to give you a full set of functional teeth. They will let you know if teeth in a day is an ideal treatment for you.

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