When is a Dental Crown Recommended?

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Dental crowns have grown in popularity as a go-to method for restoring the teeth. They are used to stop damage, protect and further prevent any harm from occurring. Dentists recommend them as a way to bring a tooth or multiple teeth back to a normal state so that regular chewing and smiling isn’t difficult.

Most people that have damaged teeth may wonder whether or not they need a dental crown or a different type of dental appliance. Determining whether or not a dental crown is necessary can be a confusing process but you need not worry! In this article, we will go over when dental crowns are recommended. Read more below.

When a dental crown is recommended

While dental crowns are often recommended for a variety of things, it is important to first understand what a dental crown is. These cap-like coverings go right over a tooth that is damaged. A dental crown does completely cover the entire tooth so that the tooth is restored. Restoration allows for a person to get back to their normal eating habits as well as to confidently smile again.

Decayed tooth

People may not always realize that they have a decaying tooth until it has severely progressed. When this happens, a dentist often recommends that a dental crown is placed over the tooth that is decaying. A dental crown can help stop decay as well as protect against further decay. Sometimes teeth that are in the early stages of decay won’t require a dental crown but when there is severe decay, a dentist will likely recommend a dental crown to be placed.

Cracked tooth

A tooth or multiple teeth that have been severely cracked will often require that a dental crown is placed. When a person experiences a severe crack, they are likely going to need a dental crown. Teeth that have been cracked are extremely prone to shattering completely which could result in a whole host of other problems. A dentist will recommend that a dental crown is placed to prevent further cracking or shattering.

Cosmetic purposes

Sometimes people have a tooth or multiple teeth that are extremely stained or oddly shaped. A dentist will likely recommend that a dental crown is placed over a tooth that is severely stained as composite dental crowns make a tooth look natural again due to their white color. An oddly shaped tooth may require a dental crown as well to allow for a more natural look or feel. While most dentists will seek a more conservative approach first, a dental crown may be necessary if all other options aren’t possible.

Dental crowns act as great restorative tools for people that have damaged teeth. Dentists will recommend that a dental crown is placed in order for their patients to get back to their normal chewing habits as well as being able to confidently smile again. It’s always best to consult with a dentist about dental crowns as they can best determine the necessary course of treatment.

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