Why It’s Important to Replace Missing Teeth in the Back of Your Mouth

Dental implants are the preferred option for replacing missing teeth. Although most people would eagerly replace a lost front tooth, they usually hesitate at the idea of replacing the molars or any of the teeth at the back of the mouth. This is often because no one can see the gap. In this article, you will discover reasons to restore a missing back tooth.

Why replace a lost back tooth?

Eating is more complicated: If a back tooth is absent, chewing food becomes harder, and that may restrict your food choices.

Faster deterioration: The other teeth may wear quickly because they have to work more. The existing teeth will bear the brunt of the missing tooth's job. The wear and tear are worse because it means fewer teeth for chewing. Premature erosion can cause additional tooth loss around the affected area. This could lead to additional dental issues, especially for the front teeth, which are not built for chewing.

Teeth misalignment: Once a tooth is lost, space allows the other teeth to shift from the position into the gap. This could cause misalignment or crookedness that may lead to other dental problems.

Bone resorption: When a tooth is missing from its socket, you will gradually start to lose the bone around the area. The stimulation from chewing forces preserves the density and structure of the bone. Once the stimulation is gone, the bone mass will shrink and weaken. Bone resorption causes the shape of the mouth to shift and sag, making the person appear older. The features of the face are aligned, so missing teeth can cause the muscles to droop as well. Replacing a missing tooth helps to maintain bone health.

TMJ disorder: Temporomandibular joints located on either side of the mouth are needed to chew and rotate the jaw. Alterations to the muscles and structure can cause significant pain. Refusing to replace a missing back tooth can cause TMJ disorder.

Replacing the lost teeth

With the advancements in dental technology, patients now have access to plenty of options for restoring a lost tooth. Implants are the most popular option for restoring missing or damaged teeth. They provide a stable foundation for removable or permanent dental restorations. Implants are small titanium posts inserted into the socket of the missing tooth. Once the implant integrates with the jawbone, an abutment will be placed over it to hold the crown. Implants have the same function and appearance as healthy teeth. Implants can be used with dentures when several teeth are missing on a dental arch. They also help to prevent bone resorption. Other options for replacing a lost tooth include dentures and fixed dental bridges.

In summary

Note that the problems described above are just a few of the issues you might encounter if you have missing teeth at the back of your mouth. Having the tooth restored, preferably with a dental implant, will help maintain your oral health and facial appearance. If you have lost a tooth due to infection or decay, contact the dentist immediately for a dental restoration.

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