Got Crooked Teeth? Invisalign Braces Are an Option

Wondering if Invisalign clear aligners will solve your crooked teeth problem? When you have crooked teeth, it is much more difficult for you to properly take care of them, you are less likely to show off your smile and your overall dental health is simply not going to be in as good a shape as it can be. While many people tend to think that having straight teeth is a matter of preference, having straight teeth is actually supportive of one’s good overall dental health.

Crooked teeth

Because every dental patient is different, the only way to find a solution to their crooked teeth problem is for an experienced dentist to perform a thorough evaluation of their mouth. While some patients will have teeth that are minimally crooked, other patients will have teeth that are very crooked. It will simply depend on the overall crookedness of the teeth when it comes to a dentist recommending a teeth straightening option that will work for that particular patient.

Invisalign braces

Instead of using brackets and wires like traditional metal braces, Invisalign uses clear removable aligners to straighten someone’s teeth. The following is a list of the benefits that come with choosing aligners.

Invisalign benefit #1 – they are less noticeable when being worn. Invisalign aligners are clear, making them a great choice for those who do not want metal braces in their mouth.

Invisalign benefit #2 – they are more comfortable to wear. Invisalign aligners are made using a special plastic material, which allows for a comfortable fit.

Invisalign benefit #3 – they will not damage the inside of the mouth. Because Invisalign aligners are smooth, there are no brackets or wires to irritate or cause damage to the mouth.

Got any questions for us?

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your Invisalign questions. When you have crooked teeth that you want to be straighter, finding out all your available solutions is a fantastic idea. While Invisalign is a braces choice that works for many, it is not a solution for everyone. In order for you to know whether this teeth straightening option will work for you, you will need to contact an experienced dentist for an oral evaluation. Ready to have straight teeth? Call us now!

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