Same Day Dentistry – What Is an Immediate Dental Implant?

Same Day Dentistry Port Charlotte, FL

People who need same day dentistry the most are those with several missing or damaged teeth. State-of-the-art technology in oral health enables patients to have new dentition in one dental appointment. Having a complete set of teeth affects one’s self-image. If you want to find out how to get same-day dentistry immediate dental implants, here are the details.

Considering getting immediate dental implants

The patient should consider aftercare. If the patient gets a temporary dental crown, the patient should not use the treated tooth. Doing so will only disturb the connection between the bone and the dental implant. The patient should not chew on that side until the permanent dental crown is in place. Getting ready to be on a soft diet can help speed up the healing.

Same-day dentistry immediate dental implants aim to provide long-term strength and stability. That is why patients with thin bones and gums cannot have these implants. Traditional dental implants will be better for them. The dentist will assess the patient well to determine the viability of gum and bone tissue.

Getting immediate dental implants

Having same-day dentistry immediate implants depends on the individual’s case. If the patient has decayed or damaged teeth, the dentist must extract these teeth first. This procedure involves the manipulation of each tooth until each comes out of the patient’s jaw. The patient must be under local anesthesia. If the patient’s gums and bone are in good health, then the dentist will continue with the same-day dentistry immediate dental implants.

Getting these implants can be a good thing for the patient. It yields quicker results with less time in the treatment chair. Traditional dental implants should not be put under stress for many weeks. Osseointegration must finish first. With same-day dentistry immediate implants, patients can get the temporary crown in one dental appointment.

Bone tissue regeneration

Regeneration is a process that bone tissue goes through all the time. Bones may seem solid, but new bone cells keep replacing old bone cells. Once a patient loses a tooth, the bone that surrounds the tooth starts to shrink or atrophy. This shrinking will continue until the gums recede. This will lead to the loss of more teeth and bone.

Studies show that getting immediate dental implants is more successful with more treatments. Bone grafting is one of these treatments. The patient will have a stronger foundation for the immediate dental implants if the dentist grafts healthy bone into the patient’s jawbone. The dentist can get the bone graft from a donor, the patient, or an artificial source.

Improve your oral and general health with same-day dentistry

Immediate dental implants can restore your smile right away. In one dental appointment, you can get a brand-new set of teeth. A proper assessment can determine if you can get these implants. If you have healthy gums and teeth, then you can have these implants through same-day dentistry techniques. Discussing the same-day dentistry dental implant procedure with your dentist can clear things up before your surgery.

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